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Get close to your audience... DIGITALLY


As the world slows down and we all take a moment to adjust to the current changes; we have to take a fresh look at how we can reach our audience.

So how do you reach families inside there home? Digitally of course!


Youtube - Using Google ads you can create and audience, retarget your website traffic or redirect another websites traffic.

Facebook - Men and Woman 30 to 50

LinkedIn - Working professionals

Instagram - Mostly Woman 20 to 38

Tic Tok - Growing audience worth trying

Twitter - Mostly men 20 to 45


Now is the time to work on your conversation. Bring value to your customer by offing them a service of convenience during this pressing time.

Restaurants , offer free delivery. 🚚

Realtors, offer virtual tours 👀

School, offer free tutoring virtually 👨🏽‍🏫

Churches, stream services, Instagram & Facebook Live prayer time 👨🏻‍💻

I created a tool called the Easter Keeper on my site to help churches stay in touch with people after they visit Easter service. This tool is ideal for learning how to reach your audience using Digital ads and Text marketing. Check it out snd let me know how it helps you.

I pray you enjoy this time with your family and take advantage of the rest. Blessings to your family from mine.

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